21 - 23 February 2021

Dixie Girl


Dixie Girl is a project that originates from the idea of conveying the typical values of the Dixie brand to women of tomorrow: learning to express themselves and pursuing their own taste, even through fashion, thanks to refined, genuine clothing and at the same time comfortable and versatile. The models recapture the colourful, inventive women’s collections by adapting them with creativity, fit and materials, designed to dress girls from 4 to 16 years of age while giving them a major instrument to communicate what they are and who they want to become! The product counts on two main programmed collections and two seasonal flashes, a ready-to- wear line which combines the “Made in Italy” image with utmost attention to detail and a ten year experience in the original interpretation of trends. Magico Kids Srl is the branch of the Imperial Group S.p.A. dedicated to devising, industrialising, producing and trading the junior product lines. An entrepreneurial project which today represents the success of synergy efforts of the Imperial Group and the Forlini family on the market and which develops opportunities offered by the kids market with commitment and constant research.
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